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THE ISLAND OF FOG SERIES follows a group of 12-year-old children as they begin to experience frightening transformations into creatures of myth and legend. When this occurs in Island of Fog, the classmates suspect they're part of a sinister experiment. They've lived all their lives on the secluded foggy island, cut off from the supposedly dead world they call Out There – but is it really dead or have their parents been lying?

Hal Franklin's claw hand

They grow suspicious when a beautiful but sinister stranger known only as Miss Simone appears out of nowhere during the onset of their shapeshifting abilities. Where did she come from? And how does she know so much about them? The young shapeshifters are tested in Labyrinth of Fire when they go up against their various alternate kinds, leading to a shocking discovery that is likely to start a war. Days later, a message from a crazy soothsayer forces them to set off on a mission to investigate stories of a demon in an old elfin temple in Mountain of Whispers. What they find there surprises everybody and proves to be "the key to everything" just as predicted.

The series continues with Lake of Spirits when Miss Simone invites what she calls "one of the lost" into her village. Jolie was just a baby when she first shapeshifted and stuck as one of the mermaid-like miengu. Now seventeen, Jolie is given a chance to meet others like her – with disastrous consequences that, coupled with a rare phoenix rebirth event, force some of the classmates to venture into a city of half-crazed gangs in Roads of Madness with a very sick friend. When they make it home, they've lost their magic and are unable to shapeshift, so they set off for Bad Rock Gulch where, deep in the mines, the Chamber of Ghosts will help them recharge. The appearance of ghosts and the disaster that follows changes Hal's perspective on life, and he sets off on a mission to save the world.

Hal's problems continue with an unexpected problem in Valley of Monsters as he and a few friends track down Miss Simone's classmates, the Hammacher twins, a couple of sphinx shapeshifters who went missing a long time ago. The only way to find them is to go after an older boy named Chase, recently revived from gorgon calcification.

The story will conclude with two more books in 2014...

"The story is interesting throughout, and builds nicely to a reasonable explanation for all mysteries. I recommend this novel for adults as well as children; it's not really juvenile. Interesting and well-written, realistic within its framework, hard-hitting physically and emotionally... I love it!" —Piers Anthony, Bestselling Fantasy Author, Magic of Xanth Series

"I just finished ISLAND OF FOG this morning. Wow, that was amazing! I have already handed it off to the next person to read, and I have started on LABYRINTH OF FIRE. I would really love to get the books in the store because I know that they would sell." —Adam R. Anderson, Community Relations Manager, Barnes & Noble Booksellers

"There is that 'it could happen' quality that you find in Dean Koontz novels." —Writer's Digest

"The premise is intriguing, the unfolding of the plot extremely well executed. There's a growing sense of jeopardy and sinister possibilities that build with escalating tension toward all sorts of startling revelations. The excitement and jeopardy never let up." —Ann Kempner Fisher, Literary Editor